A New Garrison at the Fort

21st Jan 0103

On this most dull and inclement morning I awoke to the sound of marching feet, I cannot say I’m not glad to have a reminder of home in this dank outpost but these young pups look more likely to be a hinderance than a help during my time here.

After the discovery of a healthy vein of lead in the land my superiors have decided we had better be on guard against any would be prospectors. Lead is highly prized back home on account of the fact that it doesn’t rust easily, too soft for a sword or a spear mind you, but take a lump of this stuff to the drainage commission or the wine makers guild and you’ll come away with a tidy sum.

I’m no expert but I’m told by a local winemaker that brazen vessels throw off copper rust which has a disagreeable flavour. Lead on the other hand makes for a much sweeter experience. Any way no time for merriment today, I’d better whip these new lads into shape lest they get too comfortable.