Ysgol Brynffordd visit Waen y Brodlas limekilns and Pant-y-pwll dŵr Quarry

“It was amazing how they used to get the lime into the kilns. I didn’t know how it worked and now I know! They bring the rock to the top and pour it down the big cone and then into a fire and burn it into lime.”

Holly Jones, aged 11

“I think it is important for us all to know about our local area and how it used to be.”

Lucy Brambles, aged 10

“I had seen the limekilns before they had been restored and all the stones were falling off them and when I went again I saw the difference.”

Ffion Sale, aged 11

“I want to be an archaeologist when I am older. I love history, it is my favourite topic. The limekilns are so fascinating, they are very old and there were lots and lots of fossils.”

Erin Redmond, aged 8

“When I went to the quarry I liked going on the diggers and walking along the squishy limestone. It was really cool and amazing to see all the rock that was above you and around you.”

Owain Thomas Lloyd, aged 10

“At the quarry we saw a video of the rock being blown up which was really cool.”

Lara Martin, aged 11

“My Grandad used to work at the quarries and now I have kind of experience of how it was when he used to work there.”

Alfie Manship, aged 9