Welcome to the Wild Open Landscape of Halkyn Mountain

Lead and limestone have been worked for over 2000 years, creating close knit communities and the landscape that we value so much today.

Halkyn was one of the largest lead producers in Britain. Beneath the mountain is a vast network of shafts and tunnels gouged by generations of miners following the veins of lead. Limestone too has always been valued for building, fertilizer, cement and glass making and is still vital today for the construction industry. Let us take you back in time to see how the limestone was first laid down. Then take a tour underground, discover how a limekiln works, peep into a busy working quarry or find out what life was like on Halkyn for the miners, quarrymen and their families. Halkyn Mountain Common is owned by Grosvenor Estates and is designated a Special Area of Conservation.

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